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Latona Cafe and Bistro

Latona, a Cafe and Bistro, is located in the heart of Sulaimani City, where you get an experience of a variety of delicious food and drinks.

Our aim with opening Latona Cafe and Bistro is to convert the concept of cafe style in Kurdistan. Also, it is to provide an amazing and exciting time to our visitors and customers. Additionally, it is the first cafe Bistro in Sulaimani city and Kurdistan. Latona has been always looking for new ideas and services to provide its customers with the best experience. Also, Latona’s success since 2016, has been an inspiration to expand our services to new cities and countries. You are all welcome to give a visit to your fantastic Cafe & Bistro and to enjoy our delicious and tasty food from all different kinds.

Contact us

For more information or reservation contact us: +9647709006565 +964535656
We are open from 11 AM-1 AM
Address: Sarchnar, in front of the Teapot (Qory u Pyalaka) Roundabout.